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Software Engineer, DevOps and Infrastructure

RemoteEstonia, Harjumaa, TallinnEngineering

Job description

Build the developer experience you always wanted

Imagine a development workflow where engineers don't need to spend time thinking about shiny new frameworks, double or single quotes, the max length of a line or whether to use semicolons or not. A workflow where standards are automatically applied and enforced locally and at build time.

Imagine an infrastructure where the cloud console is off limits (except for checking logs) and all provisioning is done, tested and verified in code. Any drift is automatically detected and corrected against the source of truth. When something goes wrong, logging and metrics will quickly guide us towards a fix.

Imagine a deployment workflow where anyone can push code that automatically gets tested and built. A flexible workflow that also allows deployment of the generated artefacts to an automated or manual testing environment, and release to our production environment if it passes all steps without a hiccup. An environment that also allows us to quickly roll back or forward if something goes wrong.

Now apply Alvin and help us create it! We believe that these concepts are the foundation of a thriving engineering organization, and you'll be given the freedom and resources to bring the vision to life.

Some more about Alvin

Alvin’s mission is to enable teams of all sizes to improve the quality and usability of their data. Our core technology automatically builds and maintains a highly accurate dataset that represents the connection between columns, tables, dashboards, jobs, ML models and people. This powers our platform, solving key pain points such as impact analysis, data discovery, problem tracing, and more.

We’re a close-knit bunch of data nuts and software geeks, trying to make a difference in the world by doing what we love most. We aim to combine ambition with humility, passion with open-mindedness, and honesty with compassion.

Alvin has raised significant seed funding (to be announced soon) from hands-on VCs and super-star angels, ensuring runway for the years ahead and the ability to pay competitive salaries, offer great benefits and give meaningful equity.

We are fully remote, with an office in Tallinn, Estonia 🇪🇪 (roughly a 50/50 split). We believe it’s important for the whole team to have some overlap in working hours, therefore we require you to be located between UTC+4 and UTC-4. If you feel like working in the fastest growing startup hub in Europe, we can relocate you to Tallinn from anywhere in the world.

Some more reasons to join Alvin

  • Contributing to a category defining product, with a team laser focused on addressing the needs of our end users; data professionals.
  • You’ll have the freedom and trust to help define our technology. We push each other's thinking to places we wouldn’t have found on our own.
  • Working in the fast growing and evolving big data space, you’ll be solving hard problems by innovating and inventing every day.

Job requirements

We’re looking for engineers who:

  • Have experience leading and executing major DevOps and infrastructure projects.

  • Have a deep understanding of Kubernetes (that means beyond having used kubectl).

  • Are comfortable with infrastructure-as-code concepts and tooling such as Pulumi and Terraform.

  • Are also a big fan writing CLI tooling to automate tedious tasks and streamline manual processes as much as possible.

  • Have working experience with CICD and pipelines.

If you’d like to join us on our mission to improve the quality and usability of data, get in touch using the “Apply” button.

Compensation Range

The compensation for this role is €55,000-€80,000 annually if based in Estonia, and €40,000-€100,000 if remote, based on a cost of living calculation. You can read more about our reasoning and methodology here.

In addition to your salary, everyone is given meaningful equity and provided with high spec equipment (did you say M1 Pro?). We also have specific benefits depending on whether you are based in Tallinn, remote or relocating. You can find the full list here.

Our Five Step Recruitment Process

We treat recruitment and our candidates seriously. Here you’ll find more about our hiring principles and our non-negotiable commitments to you. We review all applications and we do get back to all our candidates. That is a promise.